Bacterial Seeding with The Water Cleanser

The Water Cleanser is a powerful bio-stimulator for the beneficial bacteria and microbes that perform the natural waste breakdown process in the environment. When dealing with the enhancement of natural bacteria conflicting results are sometimes obtained, as certain bacteria which do a superior job for a particular application may not naturally exist in the area being treated.  Thankfully whenever a fabulous result is obtained from naturally occurring bacteria growing on The Water Cleanser elsewhere, the product can be harvested to retrieve the bacteria that are achieving such great results. These bacteria can then be isolated, bred in large numbers and then redeployed to those lagging areas.  This technique has been successfully implemented to address problem areas with heavy metal, hydrocarbon and other organic oil pollution.

In the video below, the inventor of The Water Cleanser describes the bacterial seeding process using probiotics for human consumption as an example. This technique can also be used in aquarium or koi pond set ups where The Water Cleanser balls or blocks can be removed from a mature system and placed in a new system to kick start the process.  Diseases in aquatic species can also be eliminated by isolating the bacteria that kill the disease within the lab and cultivating them on The Water Cleanser.