My frog tank was always dirty.  2 years ago I put The Water Cleanser in it and now the tank is always clean.   – Jodie

I have a small turtle pond and over the past two years I have tried many different products. Turtles add a lot of waste to the water and that just acted like fertilizer for the algae. Every product would show some results and some worked well for a week or two. Some of the products would cause my turtles eyes to become irritated, the constant battle with algae was giving them shell rot. 
This product took about 6 weeks to kick in and after about 8 weeks the water looked so clean i could probably drink it. Going on 2 months of clean water now. No algae, pond looks natural and clean. My turtles no longer have eye problems and their shell rot is gone. They are healthy and full of energy....you would think i feed them sugar. 
Try it! Be patient! It is not a few day thing like the chemicals. If you have fish, turtles, plants or any other living thing in your water that you care about do not try any other product! This is the most natural and healthy solution you can find.  - Zach Taylor

We have been using this product in our 140 gallon fresh water aquarium since June 2016 and it is absolutely fantastic. Tried other products but they do not come close in results or ease of application. Just drop it in and remind yourself to buy again in 10 weeks. Too simple...  - Abbie M

I purchased this product for my pool, pond and aquarium 12 months ago and have been very impressed with all three products.  The pool has never been so crystal clear and it has reduced my chemical bill by at least 50%.  The pond is the same, it is the first time I have seen the bottom in years!   - Danny

I purchased some Water Cleanser balls to try in my overcrowded and very green and murky goldfish tank.  I’d been trying for months to get the water clear, but nothing worked as there are, temporarily, too many fish in it.  I tried all the normal remedies, including various chemical treatments that I wasn’t really keen to use and that I feel decreased the vitality of my fish as well as not working anyway!  I placed The Water Cleanser balls into the tank with some scepticism, as nothing else had worked.  I was expecting to be waiting weeks for any kind of improvement, but after only 5 days, my water is virtually clear (for the first time in literally months), and I have a tank full of lively, energetic fish!  I can’t say how impressed I am – finally a product that is every bit as good as it claims to be!  I’ll be recommending it to all my fish-keeping friends!   - Michelle

When I was given some samples of The Water Cleanser blocks I was very skeptical as we have tried lots of so-called tank cleaners / sludge busters over the years and none have delivered what they promised.  I took one of the small blocks and placed it in my ‘rubbish fish’ tank for testing.  Despite a good maintenance routine, this tank is always pretty dirty as it is very crowded and has an array of sizes / types of fish (mostly either over aggressive, hybrids or deformed- these are used for tank testing or where customers are having aggression issues and we do not want to risk expensive, quality fish).  We did not perform a water change on this tank for 10 weeks.  After 6 weeks this tank was cleaner than it has ever been, when you stirred the gravel almost no mulm was raised so I was convinced the product was working every bit as well as described and placed my first order for The Water Cleanser.  My next test was in my 3500 liter Malawi display tank.  Within 3 days of use the fish health improved noticeably.  My biggest issue in this tank had been controlling hollow bellies on the fish, they often get skinny and no amount of garlic, clout, etc. was having any real impact.  Once the block was in the tank, the bellies filled out on almost all the stock.  I discussed this with a few of my clients who are expert fish keepers and we decided that the most likely reason for this was the reduction of waste in the gravel.  Instead of the fish filling up on rubbish when feeding on the bottom they were getting only food as most of the waste was gone.  This tank is well maintained and the gravel is washed regularly so it is never really dirty, but The Water Cleanser blocks have obviously made all the difference.  We continue to use The Water Cleanser blocks in the store tanks and the fish are remaining healthy.  I have sold plenty to my customers and while not all have had the extreme results I personally experienced, most have noticed an improvement and a reduction in maintenance requirements.   – Paul (Morley Aquariums)

Thanks for the opportunity to try your product as I have had great success with it.  I’ve been using it for 6 months now with such improved water quality, only 1 water change and 1 filter clean in the past 4 months.  I have goldfish and koi together which makes for a fairly dirty living environment but your product has significantly improved that, once again thank you.   – Mark

My first experience using the product was in a very dirty, algae-choked pond.  After 5 weeks the pond went from a fetid swamp to a pristine oasis, with no changes other than the addition of The Water Cleanser.  This positive result led me to experiment further with The Water Cleanser throughout my holding and sales systems in store (Fresh, Salt and Invert).  After only 4 weeks fish losses were reduced to around 1/3 of the usual daily rate with serious breakouts minimized.  Water quality and clarity has also improved significantly, it has also been observed that the staff resources required to maintain our holding tanks is also significantly lessened meaning a further cost savings.  This success has led me to stock and sell The Water Cleanser with absolute confidence that you are truly making the customers’ hobby experience a more rewarding one.  I cannot recommend and endorse The Water Cleanser highly enough.   – Anthony (Reef River Reptile)

Our outside water feature was always green.  I was skeptical when I put The Water Cleanser into the green water, but after 8 weeks it was completely clear.  Thanks    - John

I haven’t cleaned my pond in 2 years.  Before I was using The Water Cleanser, I cleaned it all the time.   – Sharron

One of the test sites for The Water Cleanser blocks is the Sydney City Councils’ pond in Arthur McElhone Reserve.  This 60,000 liter planted koi and comet pond has a 1 kg Water Cleanser block installed under the screenmatic unit on an Oase Biotec 36 filter.  Since installing The Water Cleanser, the water has been clearer and there have been less filamentous algae, plus the fish have seemed more vigorous.  One year after putting the first block in the filter, I added a second one.  3 weeks later, there was a mass spawning of (what seems like) all the adult koi and comets in the pond, certainly all the larger fish were either chasing or being chased!  This is the first time in over 20 years that the fish in this pond have been known to spawn.  Regards,  - Michael



I have been using the product for approximately 3 months. I was a bit skeptical about it and did not think I would be able to cut my chemical usage and pool pump time as much as I had read. I stand corrected and am now a very HAPPY/SATISFIED customer. Not only am I saving on chemicals and pump time, my pool has not sparkled and look this good since I started to use The Water Cleanser. Very easy to use, it really is a set it and forget it product until it's time to replace with a new block.
Thank you to the the team for answering all my questions and the amazing customer service. - Carlos Simmonds

Around one and half years back I stated using water cleanser for my fibre glass pool. Since than my chemical consumptions have gone down significantly. Gradually I have reduced the pump circulation hours also and still the Water parameter are well within the limit. 
Wonderful product, easy to put into use.
Highly recommended, five stars from me. - Vishwas

I have used The Water Cleanser in the swimming pool here for over twelve months now. The clarity of the water is exceptional, and my chemical consumption is now 50% less than before.  The Water Cleanser is a wonderful product. The pool water sparkles! - Kirsty (Bay Lodge)

I have been using this pool cleanser for 12 months now and am very happy with the results our pool is always crystal clear and our chemical use has been cut by half , would recommend the product to anyone with a pool. - Trish

I placed a TWC block in our 9m x 5m pool approximately 4 months ago. Two weeks after I turned the chlorinator off and the pool pump down to 2 hours a day. The water just seemed to get clearer and clearer. I then turned the pump off for 2 days, I could see the water going a little cloudy and the weather was quite hot. Two hours after the pump was turned back on it was completely clear again. Remarkable recovery. Three weeks ago we went away on holidays so I turned the pump to 1 hour a day and turned the chlorinator on just a fraction. When we returned I rolled the pool blanket off the pool was 35 degrees and absolutely sparkling. We did this again 2 weeks ago with the same result. It is not just astounding it is magical. In all that time I have only put 1 litre of acid in and my wife has put in a cup of chlorine just to remove stains from the leaves sitting for some time at the bottom of the pool. I had the water tested at Klen chemicals they told me to put in 5 litres of chlorine which I didn't do and the PH was just over 7. To this date my water is still sparkling clear and my wife says it also feels soft as well and she swims 4 or 5 times a day. I cannot praise this magic block enough.I now have a number of clients using it and the results are the same. Some of these clients fill their pool with dam water and they tell me it is the first time their pools are crystal clear. One friend has an Atlantis fibreglass pool 40ft long and 8 foot deep, lots of trees and now after 30 years his maintenance has been cut down dramatically and it is the first time I have seen his pool so clear, ours is a liner pool so it makes no difference and in all that time not one bit of algae. I still find it hard to believe how fantastic this easy block is and after 18 years of pool construction I would not be without it. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone and can only suggest to people give it a try, you won't regret it. - Eddy Dorant  (Australind Pools) 

Having recently moved to a new home with a pool for the first time I was a novice. The pool is salt with a chlorinator. The pool was constantly cloudy and I was having major issues with my pump not working. Getting the maintenance man out was getting frustrating as he was so busy. 

So I threw the block in and put the blanket over the pool. For the next two weeks I ran the pump for only an hour a day if I was lucky.
We had very mild weather for those two weeks so I did not look at the pool or put any chemicals or salt in. Imagine my delight when I pulled back the pool cover to see crystal clear water. I was so excited I rang the pool man and dragged my partner and kids out just to stare at it. 
It’s 3 weeks on and the pump is working. Now I’m working out how much to reduce my chemicals and pump time as my chlorine readings are now too high. 
Now I have an aquarium for the first time because I know maintenance is going to be low. The kids love me, I love The Water Cleanser. - Kerry Scheffer

Just a short note to update you on the great sales we are experiencing with your TWC product. A great deal of this product has been sold to locals who are using it in aquariums, pools and small fish ponds, they in turn are recommending it to their friends that visit and more sales are gained by us. Most of the customers come back to us on a regular basis and say " Hey his stuff actually works" We have had telephone calls from the Perth area requesting delivery of your product, which we are only too pleased to look after.  - David Cunningham

Travelling around Australia I stopped at Monkey Mia & saw The Water Cleanser block at the pearl farm. I was a bit skeptical but I bought one and I haven't looked back since. I use it in my pool, 55k- 60k litres, and the results have been fantastic. My chlorine use has dropped to about 1/3 of what it was and the water is extremely clear, no black spot return once I finally got rid of it. The guy from the pool shop where I get my chemicals was servicing the neighbour's pool & I showed him the result. He was stunned.It is so good that I order it from Shark Bay & I'm in Wollongong, probably as far away as you can get. I thoroughly recommend this product to anyone with a pool, fish tank or pond. Do yourself a favour & save money & work and just enjoy your pool/tank, that's what it's there for.  - Ron Wessel

We installed our pool in August 2009 and filled it with the assistance of water from our town bore. Much to my disgust the water was brown and looked more like a dam than a swimming pool. Being a business owner in Shark Bay we have stocked this new product and had heard of the great results it was producing about town. Within 4 hours of the pool being filled with water in went the magic block. In the coming days my husband and I watched in amazement at how the water cleared itself and the wait was now over for the kids. Our pools water clarity is sensational and all our visitors ask what we do, we simply reply not a lot at all the wax takes care of that. I can't believe how low maintenance our pool has been given the amount of use it is getting. I just want to finish by saying that this product speaks for itself and I would highly recommend that other people give it a go as well, you won't regret it for a second.  - Kellee and Robert


We decided to put one of these blocks in one of our septic tanks to see how well they worked prior to purchasing them for multiple tanks. At the end of an approximate 6 week trial period the solids on the top of the tank had broken down significantly. We will be purchasing multiple blocks to place in our "problem tanks" that we have to pump out more often than others. Hopefully this will save on pumping costs going forward. - Luke

With the state of the degraded lakes in our Council and all of the ineffective solutions we had tried it was decided to trial this new exciting product. Within a week of treatment the birds returned and over a six month trial all plant life has come back to full health with no more algae blooms or bad smells. With the simplicity of application for our staff and low cost of the product we are now treating 32 lakes in the City of Mandurah. - Keith Box (Manager, Operation Services, City of Mandurah)


As farmers on the South Coast we have a number of dams on our properties. Some of our dams suffer problems with blue/green algae which can be very toxic to stock during the summer months, we have been reluctant to use chemicals because we have yabbies in some of the dams and they are particularly sensitive to any chemical in the water. 

Your Marine Easy Clean blocks have been in use on our property for over 12 months and have proved very successful in controlling any algae with no effect on the yabbies at all. WE also feel that the treated water would be suitable for use in spray equipment in broad acre farming operations. We can highly recommend the blocks to anyone with algae problems in their dams or farm water supplies. 

My wife also uses these blocks in her outdoor fish pond and this too is crystal clear with no algae problems.

Congratulations on a great product. - Keith & Daniel (Smart Bremer Bay WA)


For the past 12 month's we have used the TWC blocks in both of our canals with great results.

I found that the canals were cleaner and free of Algae and other Organic products. Toxic mud areas had been dramatically cleaned up with no stench noticeable any more. We also found the beach area is now clean, which makes it great for our patrons and their children to bathe in crystal clear water. 

I would totally recommend this product to anybody who has a pool, spa, pond or similar waterways to use The Water Cleanser Product with confidence. For any more information about this Product please contact me.  - Grant Nichols (Manager for Carnarvon Beach Canal Retreat)