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We know that it can certainly be a challenging process to restore water to its natural, clean and healthy state. It can be frustrating when any of the many variables that impact water health are out of balance  and prevent the desired results from being achieved.  While it might be tempting to return to the short term results that chemicals provide - don’t give up yet!  There is a growing industry of water treatment consultants who are passionate and knowledgeable about restoring water health using natural, sustainable processes to deliver clean, algae-free water without any of the long term damage to the water and the surrounding ecosystems that chemical usage inflicts.  And best of all, once water health is restored it is more affordable and easy to maintain over the long run.  

If there is not a consultant like this in your area, we highly recommend for all locations in the United States.  Zack’s Aquatics provides consultation services for fisheries, recreational or sport ranch owners, as well as marinas, wetlands and other bodies of water.  The Water Cleanser is used as the anchor product in their water treatment plan to remove and prevent harmful algal blooms, aquatic weeds and water bed muck.  Contact them today to get a plan on how to restore your water health!

Before and after of a 1 acre pond. Treatment plan included 4 of the Large (5kg) Blocks. Noticeable reduction in algae bloom after one month.

Small backyard pond with successfully spawned smallmouth bass. By spring, algae was bubbling up through the hole in the aerator. Treatment plan included 1 Large (5kg) Block. After a couple of months, the water stayed clean and clear throughout the summer season with minimal other maintenance.