Control of Giant Lyngbya with The Water Cleanser

Control of Giant Lyngbya with The Water Cleanser

A working cattle ranch in Texas has a partnership with a major hospitality group to host conventions, weddings and other special occasions on their property.  When one of their stock tanks became choked with ugly and harmful algae, fueled by runoff from the surrounding grazing cattle, they turned to The Water Cleanser for help.  6 of the 1 kg Industrial Sinking blocks were distributed across the pond and left to let nature do it's job.  After 4 weeks a noticeable change in the odor occurred, and by 8 weeks the Giant Lyngbya had completely cleared from the stock tank as seen in the After photo below.  In this instance no supplemental bacteria of any kind was used as The Water Cleanser was able to restore the existing beneficial bacteria and microbes to their natural levels, where they were then able to perform their designed waste breakdown process.

Giant Lyngbya Before  

BEFORE (Oct 2016)


Cleared Pond The Water Cleanser

AFTER (Dec 2016)

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