Case study - Pond Algae Control using The Water Cleanser

Case study - Pond Algae Control using The Water Cleanser

Clear your algae-ridden pond without using harmful chemicals! This affordable, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly product kills algae naturally by removing it's food source.

The photos below were taken at the City of Gosnells' Cannar Lake.  Residents in the surrounding neighborhood were upset by the strong odor and the unpleasant sight of the string algae in the pond.  To treat this issue, 25 kilos of The Water Cleanser were placed evenly around the pond.

At 12 weeks from application, the water is greenish as the bottom of the pond is covered in a mushy mat of decomposing weeds and algae.  At around 16 weeks, the water turned from green to brown as the algae begins to die as the organic waste in the water that it uses as a food source is consumed.

After 20 weeks in the "After" photo below, the pond is looking great in comparison with the "Before" picture taken 5 months earlier.  The water no longer green but is now clear and the bottom of the pond is finally visible.  With continuous use of The Water Cleanser, this pond remains remediated and continues to be free of algae.

How does TWC work?

The Water Cleanser serves as a home for organic-matter-eating beneficial bacteria already existing in water; nurturing them and promoting their breeding to establish a healthy population that can consume organic material at an accelerated rate.  Some of the desirable side effects of using The Water Cleanser are improved water health and clarity, reduced smell and algae control.

Fish/Koi Ponds can be treated similarly by using floating blocks of The Water Cleanser. 

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