Treatment of Blue-Green Algae with The Water Cleanser

Trial after trial demonstrates that only natural processes can sustain long-term water health. While a number of treatments exist that can deliver short-term results, the unfortunate reality is that these treatments, besides killing livestock, marine life and other plant life, also damage the beneficial microbes responsible for the organic waste treatment process. With the beneficial microbes sidelined, other bacteria such as e-coli and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) can feed without competition on the organic waste that accumulates in the water system and create toxic outbreaks. The consequences of those outbreaks can be devastating and pose severe danger to both human and marine life.
The Water Cleanser supercharges the exponential reproduction of beneficial microbes and provides a protective home from which they colonize to create a microbial mat. These microbes then disperse through the water system performing the nitrification process that breaks down and consumes organic waste. The reduction of the disease-causing bacteria is accomplished as their nutrient source is removed from the water and the increased and stabilized population of the beneficial microbes ensures that the natural balance of the ecosystem will be maintained.
The Water Cleanser will deliver a return to a complete naturally operating ecosystem that supports a rich and varied community of organic life. It will treat all bodies of water, from a home aquarium to a large river system and can be used in conjunction with other natural technologies to provide a total environmentally friendly solution.