The Water Cleanser is a product that when placed in a water system will serve as a breeding microbial mat that promotes the growth of colonies of bacteria and microbes (already found in the water) that feed on organic waste matter, therefore benefitting the overall health of the system.   Because of these microbial mats’ ability to use almost any waste as food, they are nature’s own natural way of performing water treatment and cleaning up pollution without the side effects that occur from chemical treatments.  It provides the bacteria and microbes with a protective home and the essential trace elements for breeding. These bacteria and microbes can then restore the natural balance to the water through accelerated organic breakdown.

One of the most important things in water is the level of BOD Biologically Dissolved Oxygen. If water is low in BOD, it becomes what is described as dead water, which then allows bad bacteria to thrive.

Water can be cleaned by both oil eating microbes (OEM's) and by beneficial bacteria (BB). The OEM's go in and eat the oils first, followed by the BB that eats the remaining protein.

When water is out of balance, OEM's and BB cannot grow fast enough to clean the water.

The addition of TWC makes these multiply rapidly and constantly, so they then go forth and consume the waste.  They keep multiplying and eating until they overcome the waste, then their numbers reduce, they die back to a natural balance.  This is why the water turns brown before clearing, it is full of microbes.

When OEM's eat the food source for algae, the algae is starved to death.  As the dead algae breaks down, it becomes organic waste, which is then consumed by the OEM's.  


The Water Cleanser was invented in 2000 by Robert Morgan at Blue Lagoon Pearls, a pearl farm at Monkey Mia, Western Australia.  Robert Morgan, some years before while researching the anti-fouling properties of particular compounds, invented an anti-fouling system for live pearl shells. He discovered that a mixture of these compounds in wax kept water clean with higher oxygen levels. What he had discovered was that these compounds contained in wax don’t leach into the water, but they allow dormant organic eating microbes to feed on The Water Cleanser, thus surviving and breeding in large numbers. Once dominating the water body the microbes eat the organic waste more effectively and burn half the oxygen than normal bacteria.

At this stage the discovery was very promising but required further research and refinement. After several years of research Robert discovered that for these microbes to be highly effective they needed a large mix of different compounds and the final formula was perfected.  Worldwide Patents were applied for throughout the research stages and a new company was formed called Marine Easy Clean Pty Ltd, now marketing The Water Cleanser.  By 2009, the first Water Cleanser products were ready for sale in stores in Australia. As of today Marine Easy Clean holds 19 worldwide patents and distributors in multiple countries.

For his efforts in developing this innovative product, Robert won Best Commercial Inventor Award in 2011 and has been nominated as a Grand Finalist for WA Innovator of the Year and continues to be recognized by different industry groups for the wide range of applications his product delivers.

Currently The Water Cleanser is on the market for fish tanks, ponds, pools, water features, dams, septic tanks, lakes, rivers and canals. The Water Cleanser is also available for industrial uses, so if you have any enquiries about how this product may be of benefit to you, please contact us for more information at support@thewatercleanser.com.


Eco-Librium, LLC is the licensed distributor of The Water Cleanser in the United States.  We believe that man has a personal and social responsibility to help our neighbors in need (James 2:14-17).  With that in mind, Eco-Librium commits 10% of all profits to Living Water International which targets the 663 million people in the world without access to safe water.  Learn more at www.water.cc