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Natural Pool Cleaner - The Water Cleanser Swimming Pool Block

Natural Pool Cleaner - The Water Cleanser Swimming Pool Block

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  • Product Description

    Suitable for Salt Water and Chlorine Swimming Pools. Keeps your Swimming Pool Crystal Clear and stabilizes chemical usage. 


    • Healthier Water
    • Improves Water Clarity
    • Reduces chemical usage
    • Improves efficiency of pool pump
    • Reduce monthly pool pump run time
    • Acts as a natural flocculant
    • Completely natural, safe and environmentally friendly

    6-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 1" 


    Place the Water Cleanser block in the skimmer box. Depending on water temperature, full effects can be seen within 2-4 weeks.

    1 Block (230g) treats pools up to 15,850 gal.

    Do not use with Flocculants and UV filters.

    Replace every 3 months, leaving the old product in place for a one week overlap.

    Not suitable for hot tubs or pools over 93 º F

    Do not leave product in direct sunlight when out of water as it will melt!  Place the block in the shade while cleaning your pool.

  • Customer Reviews

    "I have been using the product for approximately 3 months. I was a bit skeptical about it and did not think I would be able to cut my chemical usage and pool pump time as much as I had read. I stand corrected and am now a very HAPPY/SATISFIED customer. Not only am I saving on chemicals and pump time, my pool has not sparkled and look this good since I started to use The Water Cleanser. Very easy to use, it really is a set it and forget it product until it's time to replace with a new block.
    Thank you to the the team for answering all my questions and the amazing customer service."

    - Carlos Simmonds

    "Around one and half years back I stated using water cleanser for my fibre glass pool. Since than my chemical consumptions have gone down significantly. Gradually I have reduced the pump circulation hours also and still the Water parameter are well within the limit. 
    Wonderful product, easy to put into use.
    Highly recommended, five stars from me."

    - Vishwas

    "I have used The Water Cleanser in the swimming pool here for over twelve months now. The clarity of the water is exceptional, and my chemical consumption is now 50% less than before.  The Water Cleanser is a wonderful product. The pool water sparkles!"

    - Kirsty (Bay Lodge)

    "I have been using this pool cleanser for 12 months now and am very happy with the results our pool is always crystal clear and our chemical use has been cut by half , would recommend the product to anyone with a pool."

    - Trish