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Pond Cleaner - The Water Cleanser Pond Block

Pond Cleaner - The Water Cleanser Pond Block

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  • Product Description

    Suitable for Fish/Koi Ponds, large Tanks/Aquariums and water features with either Fresh or Salt Water.  


    • Healthier Water
    • Improves Water Clarity
    • Eliminates odors
    • Higher stocking densities
    • Reduces algal blooms
    • Oxygenation of surface soil
    • Reduces reactive phosphorus
    • Enhances filter efficiency
    • Healthier fish and reduced infections
    • Reduces toxin levels

    6-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 1" 


    Although not required, we recommend you start with a clean pond or aquarium/tank to achieve the best results. The Water Cleanser can be placed in your filter system or alternatively, floated on the surface in an area where the water flow is strongest (with the ridges facing up).  Depending on water temperature, full effects can be seen within 4-8 weeks.

    1 Block (200g) treats 265 gal. (for Aquarium tanks) 

    1 Block (200g) treats 800 gal. (for Koi / fish ponds)

    For cloudy or overcrowded water double the dosage. 

    Replace every 3 months, leaving the old product in place for a one week overlap.

  • Customer Reviews

    "I have a small turtle pond and over the past two years I have tried many different products. Turtles add a lot of waste to the water and that just acted like fertilizer for the algae. Every product would show some results and some worked well for a week or two. Some of the products would cause my turtles eyes to become irritated, the constant battle with algae was giving them shell rot. 

    This product took about 6 weeks to kick in and after about 8 weeks the water looked so clean i could probably drink it. Going on 2 months of clean water now. No algae, pond looks natural and clean. My turtles no longer have eye problems and their shell rot is gone. They are healthy and full of would think i feed them sugar. 

    Try it! Be patient! It is not a few day thing like the chemicals. If you have fish, turtles, plants or any other living thing in your water that you care about do not try any other product! This is the most natural and healthy solution you can find."

    - Zach Taylor

    "One of the test sites for The Water Cleanser blocks is the Sydney City Councils’ pond in Arthur McElhone Reserve.  This 60,000 liter planted koi and comet pond has a 1 kg Water Cleanser block installed under the screenmatic unit on an Oase Biotec 36 filter.  Since installing The Water Cleanser, the water has been clearer and there have been less filamentous algae, plus the fish have seemed more vigorous.  One year after putting the first block in the filter, I added a second one.  3 weeks later, there was a mass spawning of (what seems like) all the adult koi and comets in the pond, certainly all the larger fish were either chasing or being chased!  This is the first time in over 20 years that the fish in this pond have been known to spawn."

    - Michael

    "Our outside water feature was always green.  I was skeptical when I put The Water Cleanser into the green water, but after 8 weeks it was completely clear.  Thanks."    

    - John

    "I haven’t cleaned my pond in 2 years.  Before I was using The Water Cleanser, I cleaned it all the time."   

    – Sharron