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The Water Cleanser Aquarium Balls

The Water Cleanser Aquarium Balls

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  • Description

    Is it a struggle to keep the water in your aquarium clean, clear, and free of algae?  Are you dealing with fish infections or even early fish deaths? 

    Many tanks can become overwhelmed with organic waste from uneaten fish food, fish detritus, and decaying plant matter which leads to cloudy, unsightly water and toxic conditions.  The Water Cleanser Aquarium Balls clean the water in your tank by optimizing the levels of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in your system.  By providing the ideal habitat and essential trace elements, The Water Cleanser (TWC) enables beneficial bacteria to overcome the nutrient overload and process the abundance of organic waste in the system.  TWC is suitable for tanks / aquariums, small fish ponds, and water features with either fresh or salt water.  


    • Healthier Water
    • Improves Water Clarity
    • Eliminates odors
    • Less frequent water changes
    • Reduces filter cleanings
    • Enhances filter efficiency
    • Healthier fish and reduced infections
    • Higher stocking densities
    • Reduces toxin levels

    1-1/8" diameter


    We recommend you start with a clean pond or tank to achieve the best results. The Water Cleanser can be placed in your filter system or alternatively, floated on the surface in an area where the water flow is strongest. Depending on water temperature, full effects can be seen within 4-8 weeks.

    1 ball  treats up to 13 gal. 
    For cloudy or overcrowded water double the dosage. 

    Replace every 3 months, leaving the old product in place for a one week overlap.

  • Customer Reviews

    "We have been using this product in our 140 gallon fresh water aquarium since June 2016 and it is absolutely fantastic. Tried other products but they do not come close in results or ease of application. Just drop it in and remind yourself to buy again in 10 weeks. Too simple..." 

    - Abbie M

    "I purchased some Water Cleanser balls to try in my overcrowded and very green and murky goldfish tank.  I’d been trying for months to get the water clear, but nothing worked as there are, temporarily, too many fish in it.  I tried all the normal remedies, including various chemical treatments that I wasn’t really keen to use and that I feel decreased the vitality of my fish as well as not working anyway!  I placed The Water Cleanser balls into the tank with some scepticism, as nothing else had worked.  I was expecting to be waiting weeks for any kind of improvement, but after only 5 days, my water is virtually clear (for the first time in literally months), and I have a tank full of lively, energetic fish!  I can’t say how impressed I am – finally a product that is every bit as good as it claims to be!  I’ll be recommending it to all my fish-keeping friends!"   

    - Michelle

    "When I was given some samples of The Water Cleanser blocks I was very skeptical as we have tried lots of so-called tank cleaners / sludge busters over the years and none have delivered what they promised.  I took one of the small blocks and placed it in my ‘rubbish fish’ tank for testing.  Despite a good maintenance routine, this tank is always pretty dirty as it is very crowded and has an array of sizes / types of fish (mostly either over aggressive, hybrids or deformed- these are used for tank testing or where customers are having aggression issues and we do not want to risk expensive, quality fish).  We did not perform a water change on this tank for 10 weeks.  After 6 weeks this tank was cleaner than it has ever been, when you stirred the gravel almost no mulm was raised so I was convinced the product was working every bit as well as described and placed my first order for The Water Cleanser.  My next test was in my 3500 liter Malawi display tank.  Within 3 days of use the fish health improved noticeably.  My biggest issue in this tank had been controlling hollow bellies on the fish, they often get skinny and no amount of garlic, clout, etc. was having any real impact.  Once the block was in the tank, the bellies filled out on almost all the stock.  I discussed this with a few of my clients who are expert fish keepers and we decided that the most likely reason for this was the reduction of waste in the gravel.  Instead of the fish filling up on rubbish when feeding on the bottom they were getting only food as most of the waste was gone.  This tank is well maintained and the gravel is washed regularly so it is never really dirty, but The Water Cleanser blocks have obviously made all the difference.  We continue to use The Water Cleanser blocks in the store tanks and the fish are remaining healthy.  I have sold plenty to my customers and while not all have had the extreme results I personally experienced, most have noticed an improvement and a reduction in maintenance requirements."   

    – Paul (Morley Aquariums)

    "Thanks for the opportunity to try your product as I have had great success with it.  I’ve been using it for 6 months now with such improved water quality, only 1 water change and 1 filter clean in the past 4 months.  I have goldfish and koi together which makes for a fairly dirty living environment but your product has significantly improved that, once again thank you."   

    – Mark

    "I have a small turtle pond and over the past two years I have tried many different products. Turtles add a lot of waste to the water and that just acted like fertilizer for the algae. Every product would show some results and some worked well for a week or two. Some of the products would cause my turtles eyes to become irritated, the constant battle with algae was giving them shell rot. 

    This product took about 6 weeks to kick in and after about 8 weeks the water looked so clean i could probably drink it. Going on 2 months of clean water now. No algae, pond looks natural and clean. My turtles no longer have eye problems and their shell rot is gone. They are healthy and full of would think i feed them sugar. 
    Try it! Be patient! It is not a few day thing like the chemicals. If you have fish, turtles, plants or any other living thing in your water that you care about do not try any other product! This is the most natural and healthy solution you can find." 

    - Zach Taylor