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  • Product Description

    Suitable for a variety of large scale applications: waterways (lakes, rivers, ponds, marinas, golf course water hazards), fisheries/aquaculture, waste water treatment/ recovery systems, septic tanks, grease traps and equipment wash down pads. 

    Please contact us at to request a quotation.


    • Healthier Water
    • Improves Water Clarity
    • Eliminates odors
    • Reduces toxin levels
    • Oxygenation of surface soil
    • Reduces reactive phosphorus
    • Reduces algal blooms
    • Higher stocking densities
    • Restoration of natural ecosystem
    • Encourages return of native plant and wildlife

    24" x 7-3/4" x 2-1/2" 


    Place The Water Cleanser in an area where the water flow is strongest. Where multiple blocks are being used, ensure that they are evenly spaced. Depending on existing water quality, full effects can be seen within 4-10 weeks.

    The 5 kg (11 lbs) Large block treats up to 500 sq. meters (5,500 sq. ft.) of surface area. 

    The 1kg (2.2 lbs) Standard block treats up to 100 sq. meters (1,100 sq. ft.) of surface area. 

    For cloudy or stagnant water, dosage can be increased. 
    Replace every 6 months, leaving the old product in place for a one week overlap.

  • Customer Reviews

    "We decided to put one of these blocks in one of our septic tanks to see how well they worked prior to purchasing them for multiple tanks. At the end of an approximate 6 week trial period the solids on the top of the tank had broken down significantly. We will be purchasing multiple blocks to place in our "problem tanks" that we have to pump out more often than others. Hopefully this will save on pumping costs going forward."

    - Luke

    "With the state of the degraded lakes in our Council and all of the ineffective solutions we had tried it was decided to trial this new exciting product. Within a week of treatment the birds returned and over a six month trial all plant life has come back to full health with no more algae blooms or bad smells. With the simplicity of application for our staff and low cost of the product we are now treating 32 lakes in the City of Mandurah."

    - Keith Box (Manager, Operation Services, City of Mandurah)


    "As farmers on the South Coast we have a number of dams on our properties. Some of our dams suffer problems with blue/green algae which can be very toxic to stock during the summer months, we have been reluctant to use chemicals because we have yabbies in some of the dams and they are particularly sensitive to any chemical in the water. Your Marine Easy Clean blocks have been in use on our property for over 12 months and have proved very successful in controlling any algae with no effect on the yabbies at all. We also feel that the treated water would be suitable for use in spray equipment in broad acre farming operations.

    We can highly recommend the blocks to anyone with algae problems in their dams or farm water supplies. My wife also uses these blocks in her outdoor fish pond and this too is crystal clear with no algae problems. Congratulations on a great product."

    - Keith & Daniel (Smart Bremer Bay WA)

    "For the past 12 month's we have used the TWC blocks in both of our canals with great results. I found that the canals were cleaner and free of Algae and other Organic products. Toxic mud areas had been dramatically cleaned up with no stench noticeable any more. We also found the beach area is now clean, which makes it great for our patrons and their children to bathe in crystal clear water. I would totally recommend this product to anybody who has a pool, spa, pond or similar waterways to use The Water Cleanser Product with confidence. For any more information about this Product please contact me."

    - Grant Nichols (Manager for Carnarvon Beach Canal Retreat)